Room 3 Daily Schedule

7:30–8:30 am Early arrivals/free play in Room 4

8:30–9:15 am: Arrivals and good-byes in Room 3/Free play

9:30 am: Clean up and Circle time

10–10:15 am: Snack

10:15–10:40 am: First group inside for art/other activities. Second group outside for free play.

Tuesday – Art Room/Sensory Motor Room

Wednesday – Music Class at 10 am and 10:30 am

Thursday – Trapeze Arts every third week

10:40–11 am: Both groups outside

11–11:40 am: Second group inside for art/other activities

11:40 am: Both groups outside for free play

12 pm: Lunch

12:30 pm:  Bathroom and nap time. Pick-up time for half-day children.

2–2:45 pm: Wake up, bathroom and quiet table activities.

3–3:30 pm: Snack

3:30 pm: Free play/Special activities/Books and games. Groups may split  – one in classroom and one in Multi-Purpose Room.

4 pm: Clean-up and outside time. (many children leave at 4:30 pm.)

5 pm:  Snack for children who stay late, followed by inside or outside time.

6 pm: School day ends