Room 2 Daily Schedule

Note: This schedule evolves over the course of the school year. The students in this class have plenty of time to get used to the regular schedule in the fall before the extra activities begin.  Music and visits to the art room and sensory motor room typically commence in December or January.

8:30 am: Arrival/Free play time

9:15 am:  Parents begin good-byes

9–9:30 am:  Diaper check time

9:45–10 am: Transition time/Wash hands/Prepare for snack

10–10:15 am: Snack

10:15–11 am: Children are divided into two groups for 5 minutes of indoor/outdoor activities or table activities.

11 am: Diaper check (1st group)

11:15–11:30 am: Clean up time

11:20 am: Art class/Sensory Motor Room/Music class for one group each week

11:30 am: Diaper check (2nd group)

11:45 am–12 pm: Transition time/Put out beds/Set up lunch/Wash hands

12 pm: Lunch

12:30 pm: Children who are not napping at school are walked out to the lobby to meet parents

12:45 pm: Nap time

2:10–2:40 pm: Wake up time

2:40–3 pm: Diaper check/Wash hands

3:15–3:45 pm: Art activities/Free play time inside

3:45 pm: Clean up time

4–4:30 pm: Free play outside

4:30 pm: Walk late pick-up children to Room 3/Big playground